The Story of MUKX® Brand

 MUKX. The year of 2006 full of artistic events and festivals   boost in Los Angeles of all species of arts breaks out   another turn in the city's motley structure.

  That's when the new generation of creative forms and   shapes was being born in the foam of the cultural revolution.

 MUKX was born there. An ambitious young but already accomplished artist OLGA SHILLER entered the epicenter of the City's soul bringing her fireworks of new perspectives on how Designs can change the world.

 2006. Sunset strip vibing with the future sounds. Eagle Rock street music festival fills Colorado Boulevard with new tribes of artists and musicians. The future of the Newborn was doomed.

 Eleven years later the matured child named MUKX turned its page becoming a redesigned company of enthusiasts from the City of Angels featuring some of original paintings, and photography  done by internationally recognized Artist, bringing the Southern California live and unique spirit to the tables around the Globe.

 MUKX means LA. MUKX means diversity united in forms that represent the core of cultural leadership of the creative people sharing the vibe. MUKX means YOU. Welcome to the Family!